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Giant 2 Studios, was created to bring fun and exciting entertainment through mobile game apps. We are story tellers, our game apps are designed with a storyline and developed characters. There more to our games than just a game. You'll get to know the characters and find that some will become your favorites. Our aim is to give the world quality, fun games, that are both thought provocting and yet entertaining. They'll celebrate your victories, and urge you to do better when you don't quite get there. Each of our games is free to download and free to play.


Gloopies is our first offering; a puzzle game with three objectives in each chapter. After you reach each of the three objectives you receive gold coins that can be used for purchasing hints to solve a puzzle, buy additional chapters (levels) or purchase merchandized from the Gloopies store using your gold coins. And, finally Gloopies tournaments are right around the corner. Tournaments that have cash prizes and much more. Our objective is to provide quality games with storylines and characters that will come to life and entertain the entire family. Gloopies puzzle game is a game app that will entertain for hours and is designed for the entire family and is available for both Android and iOS phones and tablets. With over 75 differnt chapters (levels) and 3 objectives for each chapter you have to solve over 220 puzzles. Gloopies is the best new mobile game app of 2016. And we have more on the way!
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